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Rome Marketing Plans: to start a new company, opening a new business

rome marketing plans

FOR WHOM?  Rome Marketing Plans is the Eleven Marketing’s Service that makes strategic operative marketing plans for entrepreneurs and small companies that want to start or to rearrange their business. Ideal for start ups!

WHEN? A Marketing Plan is important to:

  • Open a new business/company ( strategic marketing consulting rome) ;
  • Relaunch your business by rearranging your services/product portfolio ;
  • Launch a new product/service with efficient and effective rome direct marketing campaigns ;
  • Create websites ;
  • Arrange websites and optimise them for search engines.

Rome Marketing Plans, Marketing Plan Example: in brief

  • Analytical Marketing Plan: analysis of market and competitors, supply and demand ;
  • Strategic Marketing Plan: segmentation arrangement, defining the right strategy ;
  • Operative Marketing Plans: marketing mix implementation
  • Marketing check: verifying and controlling ;

Rome Marketing Plans, Marketing Plan Example: benefits

Rome Marketing Consulting, Eleven Marketing: making Marketing Plans to improve the right marketing strategy with the following benefits:

  • Enhancing your business strong points and focusing on the market opportunities
  • Higher awarness of your business strong and weak points
  • Correct marketing mix implementation: product, price, distribution, communication
  • Effective sales actions to improve sales and earnings