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Marketing Agency Rome,

ELEVEN MARKETING is the Marketing Agency in Rome that offers SEO, Digita Marketing & Business Development Consulting Services for small and medium-sized enterprises who want to start a new business either in Italy or abroad.

Our Mission is offering Outsource Marketing Services to companies that need to promote their business in an efficient and fast way to achieve the desired result.

Our Agency works as a Virtual Marketing Department for different enterprises: from startups to established companies. We have best practices in several business sectors: Telecommunication, ICT, Human Resources, Medical, Healthcare and Software House.




Marketing Agency Rome, SEO & Business Development

Outsource Marketing

For whom? For Professionals and Entrepreneurs who want to start a new business either in Italy or overseas, for small/medium Companies. For what? To analyze competitors and market opportunities, to start your own business, to launch/promote a new service, to enhance new contacts, to make new clients.

SEO Agency Rome

SEO: we create optimized content for search engines: Google & Bing. Thanks to accurate SEO strategic analysis & Campaigns, we write original and effective texts that boost your site on Google. SEM: we promote websites by increasing their visibility in search engine results pages (SERPs) through paid advertising (Google Ads).

Marketing Plans

Marketing Plan is useful for a wide range of businesses and organizations. It serves as a roadmap that outlines the strategies and tactics needed to promote products or services, attract customers, and achieve business goals. It is very important for: competitive advantage, startup business, brand repositioning, budget optimization.

Busines Development

The Consulting Service aimed at promoting business clients through qualified appointments with potential partners and clients. Thanks to Business Development Consulting, you can identify potential targets and build an excellent linking network, useful to enlarge your market and expanding your business.

Website Creating

ELEVEN MARKETING is the Rome Digital Marketing Agency, specialized in digital marketing, web design, & SEO Consultancy. Your website on Google’s first page! We create well-planned websites and we write original and effective texts that give you the opportunity to be on the search engines top ranking.

Linkedin Consulting

Linkedin Profile Consulting: Creation/optimization of Business Pages and Linkedin Profiles. To review the CV of Managers, Executives, and Employees. For the SEO optimization & promotion of your Professional Profile and Curriculum Vitae, for the relaunch of your professional career (preparation of your job interview).

Taylor-made Training Courses

Digital Marketing & Sales Techniques Taylor-made Courses

We design and deliver “one to one” courses for Entrepreneurs, Professionals, Consultants and Freelancers: Sales Agents, Commercial, Marketing/Digital Marketing Consultants and Social Media Managers.

Elio-Castellana-Digital-Markeitng-Manager-SEO-Specialist-Digital Marketing Agency-Rome

Benefits for clients

✓ Acquire new skills: take advantage of new skills and knowledge provided by marketing experts

✓ Cost saving: outsourcing is cheaper than hiring internal staff

✓ Flexibility: increase/decrease marketing budget according to your needs

✓ Focus on your Core Business: by delegating your Marketing to us, you can focus on your Core Business

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