Business Development Consulting in Rome: to identify high revenue markets, to find new clients/partners

Business Development Consulting in Rome

Business Development Consulting in Rome: to get into the Italian Market

Business Development Consulting in Rome is Eleven Marketing Consulting Service aimed at promoting business clients through qualified appointments with potential partners and clients. 

Thanks to this Consultancy is possible to get into Italian Market, starting an excellent linking network, useful to penetrate or enlarge your market.

Actually, Business Development is not only finding partners/clients interested in partnership/buying your service, but above all, it means identifying high revenue markets, according to your business “value proposition”.

We help you to get into the Italian Market: 4 main steps

If you want to develop effectively your brand in Italy, you have to rely on a strategic partner with over 20 years of experience.

ELEVEN MARKETING offers Business Development Consulting Services for entrepreneurs and medium-sized companies: we help your business to penetrate the Italian Market.

We strongly believe that the secret of success is “think globally and act locally”; we are aware that the secret of success is promoting your identity & your mission in a way that suits local markets.

1. Studying your Business Model

The first step of our Consulting focuses on studying your business model, to identify your product & service features, highlighting the advantages of your “value proposition”.

This step is important to understand better the strengths and weaknesses of your product/services related to those of your Italian main competitors. During this phase, our Senior Business Developer Managers highlight the advantages of “your value proposition”, finding new opportunities for different clusters of customers in the Italian market.

2. Strategic Business Audit

The second step of our Consulting is the Strategic Business Audit: during this step, ELEVEN MARKETING runs a Strategic Business Audit (Production, Providers Products & Services feature, Pricing policies, Distribution, and Communication) to better introduce your Firm to the Italian Market.

3. Lead Generation

The third step of our Consulting consists in generating new leads: potential clients that have demonstrated interest and need to purchase your products/services.

4. Qualified Appointments

The fourth step of our Consulting is scheduling qualified appointments between our Sales Managers and your prospect clients.

Business Development Consulting in Rome: 7 phases

Starting Business Scouting is a complex work: we can divide Business Development Consultancy into 7 phases:

  1. Identifying potential targets by considering company sector, size, and location
  2. Analyzing strong and weak points
  3. Defining the business value proposition
  4. Database fulfilling and outlining
  5. Making new contacts through Lead Generation Campaigns on Social Media and Direct Marketing Instruments: personal selling, telemarketing and email marketing
  6. Taking appointments with potential clients/partners
  7. Checking marketing and follow-up.


First month of business scouting for TLC Multinational (period: 30 days, 1 consultant dedicated)


  • Companies reached: 77
  • Contacts: 217 (qualified and not)

Database in progress:

  • Appointments fixed: 7
  • Companies not interested: 3
  • Appointments on request: 9
  • People in charge reached: 8
  • Emails sent to people in charge: 7
  • Emails to send to people in charge: 5