Word of Mouth App: CoolBeez helps your online store to get sales

Word of Mouth App: works with Shopify, Woocommerce, BigCommerce, Prestashop

Do you have an online store and are you looking to increase your sales?

Are your customers no longer responding with interest to generic referral marketing programs?

Are you looking for a sales booster more specific and performing?

Have you decided not to rely only on paid advertising anymore?

So you have to try CoolBeez – Word of Mouth App.

Shopify has selected this application among the most interesting apps this month!

If you’re a small business, chances are you find most of your new customers through word-of-mouth. That’s just how it works. But how can you ensure your customers are talking about you?

Why connecting CoolBeez to your online store?

Why connecting Word of Mouth App CoolBeez to your online store?


  • Word-of-mouth brings high trust and high conversion organic traffic to online stores
  • Customers become ambassadors, they share recommendations for Products they love with friends (this is the main differentiator from referral programs, that recommend the shop, not the product)
  • Works particularly well for local independent shops, including gastronomy, wine, specialty products, cosmetics, beauty, kids, pets

Hygiene points:

  • Shops keep full control over all messaging, communication, schedule, % of discounts, etc.
  • Risk-free – Shops only pay for actual purchases, not for the ads and approve all charges through Shopify before paying 
  • White-label solution, customers only see the Shop communicating with them, CoolBeez part is technical and behind the screen
  • Coolbeez does not keep customer data such as emails, phones, names, cards, etc. 

Increase sales for your ecommerce, easy set up, be in control

CoolBeez is designed to help your store get that sale by sending recommendation links to your customers to pass on to their friends.
So every time someone recommends a product they bought from you to a friend, that friend just clicks the link that brings them straight to your store where they can buy it.

  • easy to sale: get new customers and extra sales from cusotmer product recommendations
  • easy to set up : quickly set up automated and cusotmized post saleroutine
  • full control: control the reward, branding and messaging your customers see

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