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Web Copywriting Strategies to reinforce Referral Marketing

Web Copywriting Strategies to reinforce Referral Marketing

A good Web Marketing Strategy supports Professionals and Companies Referral Marketing Strategies.

Web copywriting consist of creating articles and pages about a specific topic: the more interesting the subject is, the more readers will read it.

The “Long Tail Theory”: the importance of using specific keywords

Do you know the theory of the “Long Tail“?

The “Long Tail” Theory suggests to write articles using specific keywords (keywords composed by 3, 4, 5, 6 terms …)

The most SPECIFIC keywords are “almost infinite”: taken individually, they generate less traffic but being “infinite”, they increase the possibilities of research by equaling the traffic generated by more competitive keywords.


  • Article n°1: optimized with 2 keywords: “Rome pizzeria” (Short Tail).
  • Article n°2: optimized with 4 keywords: “vegan pizza Rome center” (Long Tail).

If you follow this theory you can improve the volume of organic traffic directed to your web site, increasing the possibility to keep in touch with prospect interested in your business.

Web Copywriting Strategies to reinforce Referral Marketing

If you run a Referral Marketing Campaign, and you want to increase business opportunities for your colleagues, you have to write new and useful content, with articles optimized on specific keywords.

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