Restaurant Web Marketing Strategies

Restaurant Web Marketing Strategies: how to get more people in the door.

In this article you can read some tips about Restaurant Web Marketing Strategies.

Website structure

The presentation of your restaurant starts with a presentation on the front page of your website! In order to create an effective restaurant website, you have to:

  • put as much information as possible,
  • insert the address and the telephone number. These elements have to be immediately visible!
  • put pictures of what kind of food you serve: pictures are very important because you “eat with your eyes”.
  • insert the menu of the restaurant with prices: many times clients are not able to quickly find the menu.

Remember! If you create a PDF version of the restaurant menu only, you risk losing your potential clients, because of the duration of the pdf downloading.

You have also to create a “responsive” web site: a website that automatically displayed and look good on a mobile screen.

Please, keep in mind that everything on the “mobile” version of your website has to be “responsive”, including the “header” services menu.

Restaurant Web Marketing Strategies

Keywords positioning

In order to position your site on Google, you have also to choose the right keywords. For instance: Italian food, Chinese food, Roman restaurants, Italian pizzeria and so on …

Google My Business

Obviously, you have to be in Google My Business, to show your map location with the information on your activity.

On Google My Business are also shown the positive and (some times) negative reviews both of your regular clients (who had a great experience) and people who were unhappy. These reviews are shown on the result page

Restaurant Web Marketing Strategies: Social Media Marketing

You must have also a “strong social” media presence: Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest. Remember that in the restaurant industry, the dimension “visual” is very important: you have always to show new dishes, new events… new information.

Managing social media is very important for restaurants: people use to follow your posts, your specialties and they share information with others.

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