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Outsourcing e-commerce customer Service

Outsourcing e-commerce customer Service: International client support

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Eleven Marketing is the marketing agency that offers utsourcing ecommerce customer service.

Pranamat Eco, an International Ecommerce Company that produces acupressure mats, with a new presence in the Italian market, after relying on us for SEO Audit and social media marketing services, requested outsourcing customer support service for the Italian market.Today having marketing consultants as customer assistants will make your service qualitatively better!

Main activities of outsourcing e-commerce customer service

The main activities required for outsourcing customer support in Italy are generally:

• Real-time responses to users on social networks: direct messages, comments, reviews, invitations to action etc..;
• Real-time response to request email information, customer assistance, according to the business policy and required procedures;
• Real Time Web chat response;
• If needed, support in translation of texts from English / Spanish and other languages;
• Phone Support, whatsapp;

Communication will always be very fast, according to the importance of a reactive response especially in social media channel.

Updating Blog, posting on Social Networks

In addition to providing classic customer support activities, our Marketing Agency is responsible for updating blogs, seo copywriting for website, posting content on Social Networks.
The first step of this activity is to share with the company an effective editorial plan that consists of identifying the different targets, buyers personas to contact and to communicate with.

Once this aspect is defined, it will be planned monthly or weekly report for blog and social.
This content can be translated into other languages, thanks to our multilingual consultants or conversely: Foreign language content present for example on another country’s ecommerce platform can be translated into Italian to accelerate general content production.

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