Outsource Marketing Service, Marketing Consulting Services in Rome

Outsource Marketing Service, Marketing Consulting Services in Rome

Outsource Marketing Service: Eleven Marketing

ELEVEN MARKETING is the Marketing Consulting Firm in Rome that offers Marketing, SEO & Business Development Services for small and medium-sized enterprises who want to start a new business either in Italy or abroad.

If you manage a company, you are aware that promoting a business is a big challenge for smaller companies. ELEVEN MARKETING Strategies and instruments will help your business find new customers with the best value for your money!

Our mission is to offer Outsource Marketing Services to companies that need to promote their business in an efficient and fast way to achieve the desired result.

When choosing our Outsource Marketing Services, your company pays for marketing services only when they are required. ELEVEN MARKETING works as a virtual marketing department for different enterprises: from startups to established companies. We have best practices in several business sectors: Telecommunication, ICT, Human Resources, Medical, Healthcare, Software House, etc…

Marketing Services: from Digital Marketing to Business Development

Our Outsource Marketing Service:

1. Strategic Marketing Plans: for start-up companies that want to develop and implement an effective and sustainable marketing strategy, and for businesses that want to reposition their activities, promoting their products/services more effectively.

2. Digital Marketing Plans: aimed at analyzing your online competitors, according to the services offered by your company (both online and offline), synthesizing the marketing strategy that best suits your company. The Digital Marketing Plan is a fundamental document for starting or repositioning any business online.

3. Remote Business Development: with this service you have an expert “Business Development Manager”, for the promotion of your brand and services, generating new leads.

4. SEO Consulting: to improve the positioning of your website on Google and Bing, by optimizing its content and structure. “Search Engine Optimization” helps your business to “rank” higher on search engine results, to make it easier for potential clients to find you.

5. Websites Creating: for the creation and positioning of professional websites: e-commerce, landing pages, pillar pages.

6. Sales and Digital Marketing Training Courses: for the training and constant updating of your employees in the “Sales” and “Digital” areas.

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