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Outsource Marketing Service: Eleven Marketing

Outsource Marketing Service

ELEVEN MARKETING is the Marketing Agency Rome which offers marketing services for small and medium size enterprises. Promoting a business is a big challenge for smaller companies. ELEVEN MARKETING Stategies and instruments will help your business find new customers with the best value for your money!

As a matter of fact, our mission is offering Outsource Marketing Services to companies which need to promote their business in an efficient and fast way to achieve the desired result.

Outsource Marketing Service: Marketing Agency Rome

When choosing our Outsource Marketing Services, your company pays for marketing services only when they are required.

ELEVEN MARKETING works as a virtual marketing department for different enterprises: from startups to established companies. We have best pratice in several business sectors: Telecommunication, ICT , Human Resources, Medical, Healthcare, Software House, Broker Investment etc..

Offline Marketing Services and Online Marketing Services

We offer both offline marketing services and online marketing services.


ELEVEN MARKETING is specialized in Marketing Plans and Business Scouting:

  • Marketing Plans: a business document outlining your marketing strategy and covers a variety of marketing-related details, such as costs, goals, and action steps.
  • Business Scouting: service provided for finding new customers, penetrating new markets.


ELEVEN MARKETING offers digital marketing service to create and promote your business on line:

  • Search Engine Optimization: increases your site position on Google SERP;
  • Web Site development: creates functional and mobile-ready websites that help you increase your business
  • Social Media Marketing: finds and involves more customer, promotes products or services, using Social Network and internet marketing