Marketing Consultancy for Photographers

Are you a Professional Photographer?

Marketing Consultancy for Photographers

ELEVEN MARKETING is the marketing agency which offers marketing consultancy for photographers.

What is the best way to promote a professional photogtapher? Is there any effective strategy to enrich your client portfolio, increasing your earnings?

In this article, we are going to speak about the most important steps to run an effective marketing campaign for Professional Photographers.

Create a Marketing Plan

The only way to outline an effective marketing strategy is to create a strong marketing plan.

How to create a marketing plan? In order to launch a correct marketing plan, you have to follow 5 tips:

1-Do you know your business?

Have you got a competitive advantage over your direct competitors? Are you aware of your “value proposition”?

Are you a:

  • wedding photographer?
  • Event photographer?
  • Lifestyle photographer?
  • Food photographer?
  • Corporate photographer?

Choose your business specialization and become the best in it! Offering too many services is not always the best way to promote your identity and your business.

2-What is your target?

During this step you should list everyting about your ideal customers.

Who are your potential clients?

  • Architects
  • Wedding planners
  • Fashion Companies
  • Real estate Companies
  • Event Agencies

You have to list every aspect of your potential clients: their wishes, their needs, their behaviour.


Choose your target according to your specialization and begin to profile a database of entrepreneurs who could buy your services.

3-Analyze your competitors

You must analyze your competitors to understand better their marketing mix.

  • Who are your main competitors?
  • What are their services?
  • What are their pricing policies?
  • Are they offering additional services to support their core activities?

A good tool to analyze yuor competitors is the “S.W.O.T. Analysis”

4-Marketing consultancy for photographers: what are your goals?

Your goals depend on your situation and ambitions:

  • do you wont to penetrate new markets?
  • Do you want to enhance new contacts?
  • Do you want to make new clients?
  • Do you want to promote new services?
  • Do you want to close new partnerships?

5-Outline our Marketing Strategy

This step of the marketing consultancy for photographers deals with the Marketing Strategy to choose. During this phase you have to be consistent with the previous steps of the marketing plan.

For istance, if you have a specialization in wedding photos, you should:

  • promote your services to wedding planners,
  • enhance your contacts between enterpreneurs who manage wedding restaurants, wedding locations etc …
  • run your advertising campaings in April, May, June, July.

In order to discover new business opportunities you should also close new partnerships with other professional photographers specialized in other services.

A strategic partnership may speed up the growth of your business!

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