Florence Interior and Lighting Design: Lapo Grassellini Architect

Lapo Grassellini is the Architect of Florence specialized in interior and lighting design.

Florence Interior and Lighting Design, Lapo Grassellini Architect

Everybody knows that light is life and good lighting is important because it affects the way we feel. Lapo Grassellini is able to transform your home by using the secret of good lighting.

If you are going either to project your new house or to refurbish your flat, thinking of the best furniture solutions, you have to consider an interior and lighting design consultancy.

In fact, in order to realize a functional and original interior design project, you have to study not only layout, spaces and style of furniture, but also the lighting design.

Generally, people don’t realize the potential that lighting has to transform a space. Without a correct lighting the impact of all the other details such us: sofas, tables, bookcases, wainscoting, etc, will be lost.


Florence Interior and Lighting Design : the power of the “indirect light”

One of the secrets of Lapo Grassellini is working with the “indirect light”. If you are able to “play” with “indirect light” you can give three-dimensionality to the environment that surrounds you.

The interior and lighting projects of Architect Lapo Grassellini, are aimed at enhancing the interior of your home, blending them with the external environment. In this way, you have the feeling of living your own home as yuo are outside.

That’s why you need to use “indirect lighting” making sure that it spreads in all directions.


Florence Interior and Lighting Design: shiny and opaque materials with glasses

In order to achieve his goals, Lapo Grassellini combines shiny materials with opaque materials, managing mirrors and glasses to spread light in the right directions.

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