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Cold calling script for Salesman, Professional and Entrepreneurs

A calling script may help salespeople, but also Professionals and Entrepreneurs to structure better their conversation, getting more qualified appointments .

Cold calling script for Salesman

In this article “Call calling script for Salesman” you read about a simple cold calling script.

How to perform an effective cold call? Following 5 steps!

In order to perform an effective phone call you have to follow these 5 steps:

  1. Get the attention of your potential client, by using his name: “Hi Mr. Black” (remember to say it in a warm and welcoming way).
  2. Identify yourself: “My name is Elio Castellana – Owner of ELEVEN MARKETING”.
  3. Tell your client the reason why you’re calling: “the reason for my call is to tell you about the advantages of the “Outsource Marketing Service” for small-medium Companies such as The Black Ltd.”
  4. Build a bridge to your interlocutor: This step is very important because it links the reason for your call to the topic the client should be interested in. “I saw on your website you’re looking both for a salesman and a webmaster”.
  5. Ask for the appointment! “If we could meet either on Wednesday or on Thursday, I’ll show you the features of the Outsource Marketing Service and the way you can achieve your goals saving time and money.”

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