Brand Reputation Management Strategies: online factors and strategies

Brand Reputation Management Strategies, what is Brand Reputation?

Brand Reputation is the perception that customers have about your Firm and it’s the result of the conversations around it.

In order to build a strong Brand Reputation, you have to manage in an efficient way the communication of your brand in every single touchpoint and channel. If your Company is able to convey a positive brand reputation to your market, probably you are doing a good job!

ELEVEN MARKETING Consultancy is aimed at overseeing factors that influence the public perception of your Activity.

Your Brand’s Online Reputation

Nowadays the online reputation is very important: do you know which are the most important components of your Online Reputation?

  • Customer Experience: positive customer experience is the first factor to build a strong Brand Reputation. Are you able to deliver the service you have promised to your customers?
  • Positive reviews: positive reviews are important because may produce a boost in sales. Are you able to manage in an efficient way all your customer’s reviews?

Brand Reputation Management Strategies: we deliver consistent and comprehensive information

ELEVEN MARKETING services consist of creating and sharing on the web, comprehensive and correct information about your brand.

  1. We claim and verify your listings across third-party sites;
  2. We manage your content in order to show information correctly where your customers look for answers (Google SERP: local search results, google images, Google Q&A, etc …)

You have to be conscient that online reviews have an important role in shaping consumer perception and selling decisions of your customers.

How to manage reviews to boost your SEO positioning?

Our target is to manage your Company’s reviews in order to improve your SEO positioning. For instance, we can list three main factors that are responsible for a good local business positioning on the Google map.

  • Relevance: is your Company showed at the top of the SERP, when someone searches on google for a service you offer? If yes, your Brand is strong in your vertical!
  • Distance: how far is your Company/Store from the potential customer?
  • Prominence: which are the quantity and the quality of your customers’ reviews? How recent they are?

An important part of our Web Marketing Consultancy is to open, manage and promote your Firm on Google My Business.

We also manage and promote client’s profiles on the most important Social network: Linkedin, Facebook, Instagram and soo on … Our target is always the same: promoting client’s Brand Reputation, listening and managing reviews through several web channels.


Listening and responding to reviews help to retain customers, raising star rating

We can assert that one of the keys to Brand Reputation Management is Customer Retention.

In fact, In order to improve our Client’s Customer Retention (the “famous” 5 stars), we quickly listening and responding to all kind of reviews; above all the negative ones!


Brand Reputation Management Strategies: an example of an effective Review response

“Went to the restaurant to have lunch and I waited for one hour…No one told me when I was served!

 I won’t be coming back again!”

If we analyze this negative response, we could answer creating an effective response:

  • GREETING (a friendly opening): Hi Alex,
  • VALUE STATEMENT (this is an opportunity to discuss your brand under a positive light): we want to serve you as faster as possible and we are working to provide you an optimal service.
  • SENTIMENT KEYWORD (this part gives a personal response): we are putting measures to reduce the time of waiting for our clients.
  • CLOSING (to invite the client back to the restaurant): we’d love a chance to make the situation right.

An effective response could be:

“Hi Alex,

we want to serve you as faster as possible and we are working to provide you an optimal service.

We are putting measures to reduce the time of waiting for our clients.

We’d love a chance to make the situation right.”


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