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BNI International Chapter launching in Rome


Coming soon: BNI International Chapter launching in Rome

BNI is the most important referral marketing organization in the world: you can find a BNI “chapter” in many countries and cities.

BNI International chapter launching in Rome

In Rome, for instance, a new chapter is going to be launched: the “International BNI Chapter”: Professionals and Companies who want develop their business with other BNI chapter abroad Italy.

BNI International chapter launching in Rome

The Mission of BNI:

The Mission of a BNI chapter is putting a member in contact with Companies or Professionals in order to close new dealsThe BNI philosophy is the “GIVERS GAIN”: i refer clients to you and you refer clients to me.

In a BNI chapter only one person may represent a professional category. For example, is not possible having two members in the same chapter, who offers web marketing services.

Thanks to BNI Connect (the BNI software application), you can record:

  • individual meeting,
  • referral exchanged,
  • business produced.

60 seconds of introduction:

During a BNI meeting, you have 60″of introduction to explain your business and the referrals you are looking for.

How to be successful in BNI:

  • being on time,
  • presence at weekly meeting,
  • stay on the entire duration of the meeting,
  • -inviting guests.

Benefits of BNI Organization:

Benefits for the chapter members:

  • meeting new Professionals and Companies,
  • members are encouraged to visit other chapters, in Italy and abroad, in order to increase network contact (if a member travel in business he can visit other chapter).

Benefits for the visitors:

  • meeting new Professionals and Companies.

Benefits for BNI Members


  • increased business,
  • competitive advantages,
  • change in target clients.


extended network of contact,

  • trust,
  • synergies,
  • BNI connect.


  • meeting new Professionals,
  • power team,


  • networking,
  • effective communication,
  • marketing.

BNI International chapter launching in Rome: join us !

ELEVEN MARKETING is the Web Marketing Agency of the future International Chapter in Rome: if you want visit the chapter filling the form![/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column][contact-form-7 id=”131″][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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